The game Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House is a fun and entertaining way to think about how we would react to the various challenges presented. Let’s look at some Virtual Families 2 cheats. The main objective of the game revolves around money, which is a lot like real life! It’s important to work hard and live within a budget, but there are always ways to push the envelope in life and in this game. We just need to think about our options and do some creative thinking and some research. For starters it’s a good idea to get your family members working and saving their money. Check on them often and praise them as much as possible to keep them motivated. There are also a number of cheats that can be employed to increase your virtual family’s income beyond what you may be able to earn. For example try using the grocery club app that increases your earnings by 2 percent. You can also save time putting away groceries by putting the groceries on the table and then closing out the app. The groceries should be put away when reopen it. Occasionally you might need to close the app twice to get it to work correctly, but it can save time when it does. Some people have had good luck with the money cheat and some have not. Changing the date and time in Settings can help, but be careful not to “age” your family too much. Other people recommend the workaholic cheat. In this cheat you put workers in their work place and praise them three times until they say “stop nagging,” and then run away. You can repeat this step to earn more.Just like in real life, you can also sell your excess junk. There’s an outside gate where you can place your unwanted items, which not only gives you more space but also brings in more money. There are a lot of other ways to increase your money supply and keep your family happy and healthy if you just take some time and learn what they are.

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